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Why Value Investing Works in India

Value Investing

Webinar with I V Subramaniam, Managing Director and Group Head of Equities and Nilesh Shetty, Portfolio Manager

Sentiment towards India from Foreign Investors goes through periods of optimism and pessimism, Business cycles naturally allow for mean-reversion of earnings and/or valuations allowing us to buy at a discount and sell at median valuations.

Value style tends to do well during times of a rising investment and credit cycle
Growth tends to do well during commodity deflation and when loose monetary policy prevails over fiscal policy.

As a value manager with a disciplined investment process, a long-term outlook and a normalised view of the world, allows us to position our portfolio accordingly.

Explore how our two main strategies – India Value Equity and India Responsible Returns are built on sound investment principles and follow a disciplined investing process.

Q India Value Equity Strategy

20+ years track record of India Long-only, liquid, “Value + Values”, Value Investing with Integrity screening since 1996.

Q India Responsible Returns Strategy

Proprietary ESG investment research since 2015.

Long-only, Liquid, Proprietary ESG Scores + Financial Soundness = ‘Clean’ Portfolio

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