Shake hands but count how many fingers you get back

It’s no secret that India, like every emerging market, has seen its share of crony capitalism over the years. Since 1996, when we incorporated corporate governance considerations into our investment process, Quantum Advisors has carried the corporate governance torch in India. It is an integral component of any investment decision, and always has been.

Merely analyzing corporate governance quality is one thing, though; actually doing something about it when something is awry is another entirely. We’re proud to note that we have not shied away from engaging with and openly criticizing management teams over the years when we feel they have failed to uphold their duties to shareholders. It isn’t always a successful effort, but regardless of the outcome the importance of keeping boards accountable cannot be understated: creating an investment culture in which company board members are keenly aware that their actions will not be swept under the rug is essential to maintaining and enhancing the Indian capital markets’ respectability.


Our Engagements in Indian Corporate Governance

“Corporate governance has been an integral part of our investment management process since 1996. As an actively engaged shareholder, here are some notable examples of our experiences with management.”

6 September 2021

Workforce Disclosures at Quantum Advisors

As the first Indian signatory to WDI, we apply our experience to portfolio companies to make meaningful improvements on workforce practices.

20 April 2021

Engagement Is the Key to ESG Success

Placing stewardship and investor interaction with management at the centre of our ESG approach is crucial to investment and risk management.

27 October 2020

Indian Workplace Gender Mix

Female participation in the Indian workplace has come a long way and to prove that there is progress, we need data to back this inference.

15 June 2021

India Inc. Workforce Gender Diversity

Our own standards of inclusiveness, equity and diversity - and those of our investee companies - require continuous evaluation & engagement

30 November 2020

Meet the Team: ESG Governance Strategy

Our ESG leads discuss portfolio research & construction and their experience of ESG engagements with Indian corporates.

30 April 2019

Our History

Quantum Advisors was founded by Ajit Dayal as India’s first institutional equity research house in January 1990.

18 May 2021

Is India a Flailing State?

The contradiction of a fast growing democracy with a failure to provide support during the recent surge has implications on the economy.

3 November 2020

Our Engagements in Indian Corporate Governance

Active engagement on corporate governance has been an integral part of our investment management process since 1996.

1 December 2016

Demonetization: What a Messy Economic Plan

This surgical strike has potentially nuked India in the short run.