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Thematic Long-reads on Indian Politics, Economy, Geo-Politics, Climate Change and Big Ideas

Pathways deliver a deep dive into navigating the ideas and insights on new and rapidly growing India asset classes. 


How has geo-politics shaped India on its 75th year as an independent nation-state?

What will shape India in the coming 25 years. From now till 2047.... ?

India is Ground Zero For Climate Change 
Image by Debashis RC Biswas

India is Ground Zero for Tackling Climate Change - Even if the Western world meets Paris Accord targets, India’s growing economy could offset all that could be gained. How can India address its climate risks without sacrificing growth?

Mobile Phone

Who will fund the world's needed response to Climate Change? An allocation of just 1% by pension funds and SWF would avert a global crisis.
We call it the ‘SaveMyWorld’ investment allocation.

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