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Our Approach to Investing


Building your India Portfolio since 1990 on a foundation of 

Ethics, Integrity, Disciplined Investment Process.

Our Approach

Quantum Advisors is building an India-focused investment management institution.


We aim to consistently make money for our clients over longer time horizons without taking undue risks and while charting controlled growth in our AuM

Investors assume increased risk when investing in India - our role at Quantum is to analyze, control and monitor that risk, not enhance it.


For over 30 years Quantum Advisors has been at the forefront of sensible, long-term investing and is one of India’s most respected investment firms with over USD 2 billion of AuM.


In 1996 we launched our proprietary Integrity Screen as part of our investment process: Quantum Advisors leads in the inclusion of governance and values criterion in our disciplined portfolio construction processes.


Since 2005, Quantum Advisors has published the Upside Potential of our long-only equity portfolio: since the portfolio is built on the basis of ‘intrinsic value’ we are able to indicate the NAV of our portfolio 2 years into the future (FY2e) and gauge the accuracy of our research process.

Explore how our two main strategies – Predictable India Equity and India Integrity Equity - with demonstrated success of our tried and tested research and investment processes can ensure your India equity allocation will have higher predictable outcomes and no surprises.

Q India Value Equity Strategy

+20 years of India Long-only, Liquid, High-Governance, Margin of safety = Predictability

Integrity screen since 1996, strategy Track record since 2000; strategy AuM: $2.5billion Mandate Capacity: $10 billion

A Sensible, risk-adjusted, predictable India strategy 

Q India Responsible Returns Strategy

Liquid, proprietary Integrity Scores, Financial Soundness

Integrity Screen since 1996, enhanced criterion since 2015, strategy Track Record since 2019; strategy AuM: $9.7 mn Mandate Capacity: $5 billion

A ‘clean’ India Portfolio built on sound principles of governance, sustainability and financial soundness

Quantum Advisors pioneered a quantitative as well as qualitative analytical approach to equity investing in India, providing for the first time, consistently applied valuation metrics to evaluate investment opportunities in India’s emerging stock markets.  Over the years, Quantum Advisors has continued and enhanced its tradition of extensive financial analysis and value investing, as it has evolved into an investment advisor and asset manager.


Our investment philosophy and strategy involves the use of intensive qualitative and quantitative fundamental analysis. We build and monitor our clients’ portfolios actively while at the same time avoiding excessive trading, and control risk by endeavoring to keep our clients’ portfolio adequately diversified, both in terms of the sectors included in those portfolios, as well as with respect to the level of concentration in any specific security.



Building your India portfolio since 1990 on a foundation of ethics, integrity and disciplined investment process  


2023: Value with Values

Our principles have helped us navigate uncertain times


Thematic India

Deep dives on new and rapidly growing India asset classes. 

If you wish to know about our India Fixed Income, India Real Estate and India Private Equity strategies, please write to us at


Value With Values

As India’s first institutional equity research house, the Q India Equity Value Strategy relies on 30 years of India research experience including 7 years of value investing globally.



Since 1996, we have applied our “Integrity Screen” on Indian companies— now known as “Governance” to help filter out companies with questionable business and governance practices.


Research Focus

Our bottom up stock selection process emphasises passing our integrity checks with analysis of Corporate Governance, historical track record in protecting minority shareholder interest, business practices and care for the community.



Built on principles of Competence, Integrity, Transparency, we do not invest in companies if they fail our Integrity Screen checks - even if valuations are attractive and/or these stocks are market favourites.

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