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The Q India Responsible Returns Strategy (QIRR) is for investors seeking a “clean” India public equity portfolio built on globally recognized principles of Governance, Sustainability and Financial Soundness - at a low fee competitive to many non-ESG compliant, India-focused ETFs.

Since 1996, we applied our “Integrity Screen” on Indian companies - now known as “Governance”. Quantum’s Integrity Screen has helped sift out companies with questionable business and governance practices. 

In 2015, we started to focus on the other two factors (Environment and Social) and have built a proprietary framework on evaluating Indian companies on various ESG criteria.

An alternative to your ‘Dirty’ Index ETF. If you need a long-only, India portfolio which is liquid, follows a proprietary ESG score, chooses companies which are financially sound and delivers to you a ‘Clean’ India portfolio scroll below:


Q India Responsible Returns Strategy

Liquid, proprietary Integrity Screen, Financial Soundness

Integrity screen since 1996, strategy Track record since 2019; Strategy AuM: $9.7 mn
Mandate Capacity: $5 bn

Q India Responsible Returns Strategy

The Q India Responsible Returns Strategy (Q-IRR) relies on our proprietary “Integrity Screen” as well as our principles-based, qualitative-oriented, ESG framework honed since 1996 to identify corporate governance best and worst practices. 

AUM $9.7 Mn, Capacity $5 Bn

Explore the India Responsible Returns Strategy

Learn more about our processes and experiences in leading governance based ESG investing in India for over two decades.

Q-IRR Strategy In-Depth

In this discussion between Arvind Chari, Quantum's CIO talks to his colleagues Chirag Mehta - Fund Manager to Quantum AMC's ESG mutual fund. They explain the reasons India cannot be ignored in the global debate on ESG, how far it has to go in meeting legitimate aspirations of its growing population while not blowing up global emission targets and why many standardised ESG metrics do not really get behind the facades of compliance to really test the foundations underneath. 

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