India is Ground Zero for Tackling Climate Change

Even if the Western world meets Paris Accord targets, India’s growing economy could offset all that could be gained. How can India address its climate risks without sacrificing growth?

India needs both capital and solutions. NOW!

To kickstart a brighter climate future, The Center for Sustainable Enterprise at University of North Carolina has launched a brand new global competition: the India Impact Challenge powered by Quantum Advisors India. During the spring semester we will challenge student teams representing schools around the world to compete and pitch investment strategies in India to help tackle climate change.

The India Impact Challenge motivates student teams across the world to devise plausible and innovative investment strategies in India that will enable equitable growth, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Explore our research of Environmental, Social and Governance issues facing India today.

India's Too Big to Ignore in Battling Climate Change

“Without adequate and directed investments... India is likely to blow a big hole in the 55 billion tons emissions Paris Accord target by 2030.”


If India achieves China’s per capita emission levels, world GHG emissions are expected to be at 63 bn tCO2e in 2030; nearly 8 bn tCO2e higher than the target specified in the NDCs (5).


Without adequate investments in cleaner sources of energy, India is likely to blow a big hole in the 55 billion tons emissions target by 2030 (based on National Plans).

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Our Engagements in Indian Governance

“Corporate governance has been an integral part of our investment management process since 1996. As an actively engaged shareholder, here are some notable examples of our experiences with management.”