India is Ground Zero for Tackling Climate Change

To kickstart a brighter climate future, The Center for Sustainable Enterprise at University of North Carolina has launched a brand new global competition: the India Impact Challenge powered by Quantum Advisors India.


The competition challenges student teams representing schools from around the world to compete and pitch innovative investment strategies that will enable equitable growth in India, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The investment strategies can range from ESG integration to impact investing to blended finance, incorporating public and private capital.


What's at stake? Our climate. Equity and the economy. School pride.

And a portion of US$15,000 in prizes.

DEADLINE: March 29, 2021.

ELIGIBILITY: Students enrolled in an institution for higher education throughout the world at either the undergraduate or graduate level. 

TEAM SIZE: Student teams should be a minimum of three students and a maximum of five. 

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India's Too Big to Ignore in Battling Climate Change

“Without adequate and directed investments... India is likely to blow a big hole in the 55 billion tons emissions Paris Accord target by 2030.”


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