To build an India focused investment management institution, we aim to consistently make money for our clients over longer time horizons without taking undue risks and chart controlled growth in AuM across four major asset classes: equity, fixed income, real estate, infrastructure/private equity.

 Investors assume increased risk when investing in India - our role at Quantum is to analyze, control and monitor that risk, not enhance it.



Backed by the strength of our in-house ESG capabilities and proprietary scoring system, Our product offerings are at the forefront of advancing ESG principles across India.

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Since 1996, our India Value Strategy's long term approach to investing in India’s equity markets incorporates an Integrity Screen which allows us to adopt a disciplined value approach to investing in the Indian equity markets and ensure that we avoid the many bad actors that populate the Indian business landscape. India has its fair share of companies that behave like a WorldCom, Enron, or Yukos. 


Responsible Investing

The India Responsible Returns (Q-IRR) Strategy uses proprietary scores to build a portfolio of companies which adhere to Planet, People, Profit. We ignore traditional valuation metrics like PER, PCF, P/BV  though we ensure the companies don’t have distressed balance sheets.

Using the “integrity screen” used by the Value Team as a base, in 2015 we built a dedicated research team and a proprietary research process to evaluate and score listed Indian companies on their adherence to the principles of responsible investing.


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VALUE Strategy

Learn more about our processes and experiences in leading governance based value investing in India for over two decades.

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Our Responsible investing ESG leads discuss portfolio research & construction and their experience of ESG engagements with Indian corporates.