A Discussion with Harsh Mariwala

India Inc: Leadership & Sustainability

Latest Insights

From ESG to EHG: Pitfalls in the March Towards Sustainability

Investors navigating ESG need to be aware of practices which we refer to as EHG: Eyewash, Hogwash, and Greenwash.

Quantum Advisors to Sponsor the India Impact Challenge

India is Ground Zero for tackling Climate Change. How can we facilitate equitable growth, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions?

Meet the Team: India Value Strategy

Learn more about our processes and experiences in leading governance based value investing in India for over two decades.

India Macro: The Impossible Trinity

India's macro-economic policy leaders tackle the trilemma dilemma of capital mobility, exchange rate management and monetary autonomy.

Sorry, Mr. Gates, the Problem Is a Lot Worse Than You Think

The war against climate change can only be won by winning the crucial battle in India.

ESG Harnessing the Power of Equal Opportunity

Gender diversity is crucial to profitability and value creation. As India ESG investors, we demand far better disclosures from companies.

India's Too Big to Ignore in Battling Climate Change

India's growing economy is too big to ignore when it comes to meeting the Green House Gas emissions challenge.

Progress on Indian Workplace Gender Diversity

Workplace diversity contributes to better management outcomes. How has India progressed in female employee participation?

Modi Sheds His Fiscal Conservatism: India 2021 Budget Outlook

The government has shocked the bond markets and cheered the equity markets with its new budget - will increased spending spur growth?

Investing Insights 2021: Themes and Trends

2020 has been a year of facing, learning and adapting to the unknown. We look to the year ahead and what is to come.

Meet the Team: ESG Governance Strategy

Our ESG leads discuss portfolio research & construction and their experience of ESG engagements with Indian corporates.

ESG Indexes – A Stumbling Block for India Investors

ESG indexes are only as good as the underlying data used to construct them and are rightly under increasing investor scrutiny.


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