India Responsible Investing
The Quantum ESG Team View

As India grows, so will its carbon footprint and its share of global emissions. India will need a responsible approach to investing in order to find a solution to equitable growth while managing risks to society and the environment.

In this discussion between Arvind Chari, Quantum's CIO talks to his colleagues Chirag Mehta - Fund Manager to Quantum AMC's ESG mutual fund - and Karl Karkaria who heads our proprietary ESG research team. They explain the reasons India cannot be ignored in the global debate on ESG, how far it has to go in meeting legitimate aspirations of its growing population while not blowing up global emission targets and why many standardised ESG metrics do not really get behind the facades of compliance to really test the foundations underneath. 

At Quantum Advisors India we regard governance as the foundation stone of virtue for the companies we research and invest in. The India Impact Challenge powered by Quantum Advisors motivates student teams across the world to devise plausible and innovative investment strategies in India that will enable equitable growth, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Strategies
VALUE Strategy

As India’s first institutional equity research house, our Q India Value Equity Strategy relies on 30 years of India  experience including 7 years of value investing globally.


Since 1996, our “Integrity Screen” and principles-based, qualitative-oriented, ESG framework has helped sift out companies with questionable business and governance practices.