Industrialisation Induced Climate Chaos

The Developed World’s consumption patterns account for around 90% of greenhouse gases emitted since the Industrial Revolution.  The UN IPCC report just published pre-COP26 says we are even closer to a climate emergency than previously thought and turning this around could take centuries!


Climate Disasters Proliferate

This year’s hugely destructive droughts, deluges, floods and fires across the World are already telling us we do not have that time. Climate related disasters are global - they do not discriminate on the basis of nationality or respect borders.


Emerging Markets Fuel Global Growth

Richer countries are now racing to replace fossil fuels with renewables in the quest for GHG reduction targets. Poorer countries do not have the resources to keep up with that race, much as many are trying. This too when they also have legitimate aspirations for economic growth from their growing populations

gdp projected.png

COP26 Will Not Stop Consumption Fuelled Carbon Emissions

Your Pension Could Save The World

To solve this global problem will require a universal solution too. The huge stock of wealth in richer countries could be tapped to redress the balance 

Not just Governments but businesses, pensions, foundations and endowments could commit just 1% of their funds to invest in potential climate solutions for the developing world.

We call it the ‘SaveMyWorld’ bucket and you can get involved…do not let COP26 become ‘COP out 26’.

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Act Now: Tell Your Pension Provider to Go Green

Click on the #SaveMyWorld button to send a message to your pension provider.