"Institutional investors are finally talking about the triple P - the Planet, the People and Profit"

As an investment firm, our mandate is to invest the capital of our clients for sensible long term returns without taking undue risks. It has been over 25 years since Quantum Advisors and its founders have included a "governance" factor when investing in companies. This is the "G" in "ESG".


In 2015, we started to focus on the other two factors (Environment and Social) and have built a proprietary framework on evaluating Indian companies on various ESG criteria.

Time is Running Out for Climate Action

Who will fund the world's needed response to Climate Change? An allocation of just 1% by pension funds and SWF would avert a global crisis.

We call it the ‘SaveMyWorld’ investment allocation bucket.

If India achieves China’s per capita emission levels, world GHG emissions are expected to be at 63 bn tCO2e in 2030; nearly 8 bn tCO2e higher than the target specified in the NDCs.


Without adequate investments in cleaner sources of energy, India is likely to blow a big hole in the 55 billion tons emissions target by 2030 (based on National Plans).

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