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Aarti Khosla, founder and director of Climate Trends and CarbonCopy speaks about the impact of climate change on India.

We start by discussing how climate change exposes India to a myriad of risks - from floods in the north to droughts in the south - this is why we believe India is ground zero for climate change.

The economic risks of climate change has an impact on India's coast line where large population of urban coastal cities reside. However India cannot afford to grow in the same trajectory as China or the US as these economic models and the concomitant pollution they create have a feedback loop to the atmosphere and adverse climate related economic risks.

Aarti expands on India's desire to mitigate climate risks through renewables and its role in the International Solar Alliance.

We conclude our discussion on how climate change is perceived by the Indian public and how attitudes towards climate risks have changed as a result of cleaner air during India's stringent pandemic lockdown.

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Climate Change Impact


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India's Too Big to Ignore in Battling Climate Change

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